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The Aims

In 2018, the International Forum of Law and Economics will be held for the first time. Entitled “Modern Aspects of Law and Economics in Europe and Asia”, this major event will bring together experts from legal and economic fields.

The main aim of the Forum

At a time of global economic crisis, issues relating to the legal regulation of social relations in respect of economic development are gaining national and international significance. This Forum will welcome highly-qualified lawyers and economists to speak on the most challenging problems facing our legal and economic systems. The Forum promises to be uniquely relevant and can objectively explore the most pressing issues within this area of social relations.

The main sessions and panel discussions of the Forum will lead to methodical and practical recommendations and suggestions that could enhance global legislation as it grapples with the ever-changing challenges of regulating economic relations. In turn, this will generate an overview of the key trends needed to improve legislation in this domain at the present time.

The project aims as outlined by the forum organizers:

  • Search for new research ideas to increase efficiency and expand the cultural diplomacy community in European and Asian countries;
  • Ensure continuity of the best traditions of centuries-old cultural dialogue between European states;
  • Mobilize the creative potential of forum participants to develop new meaning, strategies and methods of cultural diplomacy as a ‘soft power’ in the context of current threats and challenges;
  • Consolidate relevant public diplomacy efforts;
  • Establish a development strategy for a legal system based on the use of digital technologies;
  • Enhance culture partnership with organizations, national cultural associations, and diversify the forms of research collaboration for associations and unions in the sphere of law and economics in European and Asian states.

Forum participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Establish business contacts with representatives of leading European universities and international legal companies;
  • Hear presentations and expert opinions on the development of digital platforms, issues associated with the development of competition law, international humanitarian law, issues surrounding the development of legal education;
  • Explore different opinions and put their own questions to the forum’s experts and speakers
  • Enjoy a Gala Evening at the gastro restaurant of Le Grand Hotel Cannes.


Working languages of the Forum: French, English (simultaneous interpreting)

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Recent News

Third International Online Legal Forum “Modern Problems of Law and Economics in Europe and Asia” will gather participants from more than 10 countries on September 14-15, 2020.

Second international legal forum  "Modern problems of law and Economics in Europe and Asia" 14-19 September 2019, Cannes France, Grand Hotel, La Croisette
Forum's organizers
Maria A. Egorova
Maria A. Egorova

Doctor of Law

Alain Duflot
Alain Duflot

Expert and world-class law practitioner

Stephan U. Breu
Stephan U. Breu

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Zoom platform, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)
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