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News of the forum 2020


The Third International Legal Forum

The Third International Legal Forum will gather in Cannes on September 12-18, 2020.

News of the forum 2019


The Forum 2019 Program

The forum 2019 program includes: the opening and closing ceremony, plenary session, 7 panel discussions in the form of round tables in the format of a discussion club and awarding certificates to participants. The forum will be attended by leading experts from France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia and India


The main panel discussions:

Panel discussion “Modern problems of development of law and digital economy   in the conditions of the world economic crisis”

Panel de discussion :   «Modern problems of development of legal and economic relations in Russia , China and India: new challenges in the modern world» 

Panel discussion « Modern problems of Competition law in the global legal space» 

Panel discussion « Modern problems of legal liberalization of legislation in France , Italy and Switzerland »

Panel discussion  “Modern problems of application of criminal liability in sports law and energy law» 

Panel discussion “Modern Problems of legal regulation of Transport and Maritime law 

Panel discussion “Modern problems of development of international law, humanitarian law and commercial law” 

The forum will feature a presentation of the journal Law and digital economy issue 3 2019. About the journal: https://law-diec.ru/en/home/

News of the forum 2018


18 September

Research seminar “Problems of advocacy in France and Italy: experience of Europe and Asia”

The Grand Hotel, Boulevard De La Croisette, conference room, 1st floor

Room TBD. Duration of the section: 12h00-14h00

Time of reports: 2 reports 25 min each


Alain Duflot, legal expert, international legal practice “Duflot &Partners” law firm, professor at the University of Jean Moulin Lyon III. (Lyon, France)

Marco Montanarini, Vice-President of the Russian-Asian Legal Association, lawyer (Italy).


18 September

Room TBD.

Panel discussion: 10h00-11h45

Coffee break 11h45-12h00 pm

Research seminar “Problems of advocacy in France and Italy: experience of Europe and Asia”–12h00-14h00

Closing. Presentation of certificates. 14h00-14h15

Buffet «Cheese and wine party» - 14h15-15h00


17 September

Room TBD.

Panel discussion: 14h30-17h25

Welcome speech of the forum organizers: 14h30-14h45

Presentation of the research and practical international journal & the research monograph: 17h25-18h00

Coffee break 15h40-16h00 pm

Free time – 18h00 -20h30

Gala evening for the participants of the forum–20h30-22h00

Recent News

Third International Online Legal Forum “Modern Problems of Law and Economics in Europe and Asia” will gather participants from more than 10 countries on September 14-15, 2020.

Second international legal forum  "Modern problems of law and Economics in Europe and Asia" 14-19 September 2019, Cannes France, Grand Hotel, La Croisette
Forum's organizers
Maria A. Egorova
Maria A. Egorova

Doctor of Law

Alain Duflot
Alain Duflot

Expert and world-class law practitioner

Stephan U. Breu
Stephan U. Breu

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Cannes, France
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