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    Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies

    Over Three Decades of Research in Italy

    Overview Eurispes is the leading private, indipendent, not-for-profit think tank in Italy. Founded in 1982, the institute has grown into an analytical hub of information providing in-depth papers on political, social and economic issues in Italy. It now is established as a reliable barometer in the arenas of decision-making and public opinion.

    On 2017 the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, edited by the University of Pennsylvania – USA, ranking the most important world institutions, included Eurispes in the list of the "Best Indipendent Think Tanks".

    Eurispes conducts and finances research of the Italian public and private sector. The investigative and data gathering process extends to international entities resulting in reports that are incisive, objective, provocative and often controversial. This Italian think tank operates under the philosophy that healthy government socio-economic policy exists in a transparent environment where facts, data and opinions are freely accessible. In support to this belief, Eurispes incorporates personnel of varying cultures, backgrounds and spheres of influence creating a truly homogeneous organization that produces original concepts, ideas and reports. Due to the independent nature of Eurispes, many findings of this institute have become cornerstones for political and social debate at the highest levels of Italian society as well, in some cases, of European community. Current Research
    1. Italy Report an annual publication that portrays the Italian system from a macro-sociological point of view; it gauges in fact the health of the nation. The report has become a valuable instrument for policy makers, theoreticians, economists, politicians and the foreign press. During the last two decades, Eurispes has become keenly aware of the difficulties involved in analysing modern society. By resisting sweeping generalisations and steering clear of any one ideological tenet, Italy Report ensures a novel reading of contemporary society and trends. This macro-sociological view of Italian society is, in turn, amply covered by the press.

    In addition to Italy Report, Eurispes publishes in-depth volumes as:

    1. Permanent reports covering employment, unemployment, black economy, crime, childhood and adolescence, schools, pornography, consumer price index, global markets, immigration, women
    2. Analysis and interpretation of political and social dynamics
    3. Planning and implementing theories and instrumentation for communication
    4. Analysis of political situation
    5. Analysis of production systems
    1. Sectorial and territorial surveys

    Institutional Excellence

    Eurispes is composed of a general scientific committee and specialized sector committees with senior and junior researchers. The institute conducts both qualitative and quantitative, deductive and inductive research to provide an in-depth picture of contemporary social phenomena. Findings are consolidated through special task forces and outside researchers including political analysts, sociologists, economists, statisticians, marketing experts and industrial advisors to ensure a cohesive and complete approach to the research. In addition, Eurispes has its own network of collaborators in many Regions and collaboration agreements with a  network of 13 universities in Italy.

    1. Presidency, General Secretariat, Board of Directors, Scientific Committee
    2. Departments: daily life, communications, economy, finance and markets, justice and law, politics and institutions, labour, tourism, society, environment, welfare, international affairs
    3. Network of external collaborators
    4. Collaboration agreements with more than a dozen Italian universities
    5. Regional branches throughout Italy
    Network of Italian Universities-Collaboration Agreements For over three decades Eurispes has collaborated with the most prestigious universities in Italy and has composed its Board of Directors and Scientific Committee with academics and tenured university professors from:

    Contact person: Prof. Marco Ricceri, The Secretary General



    Via Cagliari 14 - Rome 00198 (Italy)

    tel: (0039) 06  44202211   Fax: (0039) 06 44117029

    email: istituto@eurispes.eu   email: eurispes.intl-dept@libero.it

    website: www.eurispes.eu



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    The LAW FIRM GIBASIEWICZ has been successfully providing a full range of legal services for domestic, foreign and international clients. A team consisting of experts from various fields of law provides comprehensive legal assistance in practised areas of specialisation.

    The idea, that was followed when establishing the Law Firm, was the exceptional quality of services provided at the level of the best law firms.

    The founder of the Law Firm is an attorney at law Dariusz Gibasiewicz, Ph.D. He also works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University.

    Areas of practice: commercial law, tax law, financial law, intellectual property law, data protection law, international law, European Union law, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, civil law, family law, medical law.

    The Law Firm Gibasiewicz provides legal services in in the following languages: Polish, Russian, English and Spanish.


    To download the company's booklets (in Russian, in English)




    02-577 Warsaw, Aleja Niepodległości 124 lok. 16, Poland

    TEL.: +48 (0 – 22) 547 08 10, TEL./FAX: +48 (0 – 22) 547 08 13

    Mobile: +48 691946361

    Address e-mail: d.gibasiewicz@gibasiewicz.pl


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Information Partners of the Forum:

  • The European Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies (EURISPES) (Italy)
  • Association of Russian Diplomats
  • The Moscow branch of the Association of Russia’s Lawyers
  • The Russian-Asian Legal Association
  • International research and practical Journal of Law and the Digital Economics
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