Cannes France, Grand hotel, La Croisette
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14-19 September 2019

15 September.

Arrivals of Forum participants


16 September:

Room TBD.

Registration required 17 September: from 10h30 to 11h00

Panel discussion: 11h00-17h45 pm

Welcome speech of the forum organizers:  11h00-11h15 pm

Coffee break 13h25-13h45 pm

Presentation of the international research and practical journal & the research monograph: 17h45-18h00 pm

Free time – 18h00 -20h30 pm

Gala evening for participants of the forum–20h30-22h00   pm


17 September:

Room TBD.

Panel discussion: 10h00-14h30 pm

Coffee break 11h40-12h00 pm 

Closing. Presentation of certificates. 14h30-14h45 pm

Buffet «Cheese and wine party» - 14h45-15h30 pm


September 18:

 Cultural program (visit of the city of Cannes), departure of the Forum participants

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Second international legal forum  "Modern problems of law and Economics in Europe and Asia" 14-19 September 2019, Cannes France, Grand Hotel, La Croisette
Forum's organizers
Maria A. Egorova
Maria A. Egorova

Doctor of Law

Alain Duflot
Alain Duflot

Expert and world-class law practitioner

Stephan U. Breu
Stephan U. Breu

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Cannes France, Grand hotel, La Croisette
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